Across UAE by car - is it worth it?

Every year, the most popular emirate in UAE - Dubai is visited by more than 15 million tourists from different parts of our planet. Indeed, a huge selection of entertainment attracts people. But there are many picturesque and beautiful places outside of Dubai that are definitely worth a look.

The United Arab Emirates is perhaps one of those countries where the rental car business is extremely developed. Rental companies provide a huge selection of cars from the most budget-friendly to incredibly expensive luxury ones. There is a choice for every taste and budget.

Of course, most often, when planning our vacation, we trust travel agencies that organize the route of movement and transport. However, if you decide to rent a car and take a ride in the UAE, you should definitely know some of the specifics and nuances.

  • First of all, it is important to know the basic traffic rules in the UAE, as they still differ from ours, and sometimes quite significantly. By the way, we have already written about the basic rules in previous posts.

  • When renting a car, you will definitely need a passport, a national driving license and an obligatory international driving permit (from International Drivers Association). Make sure in advance that all your documents are with you, otherwise you risk not getting a car and losing the card deposit you made when booking. Note that the minimum age for driving in the UAE is 21 years.

  • To rent a car in the UAE, a bank card is required, the amount of available funds should be at least $ 1,000 to cover the necessary deposit for the car you have chosen.

  • Choose only proven rental companies and take the time to read reviews about the company where you plan to rent a car. One of the most common types of fraud currently is when rent-a-car does not refund the deposit blocked on the card. Most often, such companies inform you that you can safely fly home, and the amount blocked on your card will be unblocked in the nearest days, but in fact the money is simply withdrawn by the company.

  • Routes - it is very difficult to make a specific route in the UAE in advance, since roads are constantly being rebuilt, dismantled or even new ones are being built. Therefore, it is necessary to use applications with maps and navigators. The most convenient in our opinion are applications: Google maps, 2GIS or RTA Smart Drive.

  • Think in advance what kind of sights and which emirates you would like to visit, for the reason that in some places, for example, in the area of the city of Al Ain (emirate of Abu Dhabi), it is better to go in the evening, when there are not so many cars and there is no intense heat, plus the amazing sunset view because the city is located far from the sea, and the road to it passes through the most beautiful dunes, date farms and ancient forts. On the other hand,it is better to go to the area of the east coast of Dibba (Fujairah Emirate) in the daylight hours, so as not to miss the opportunity to admire the views from the window, meet the cutest camels and swim in warm water.

So, is it worth traveling around the UAE by car? Definitely worth it! The opportunity to ride on modern roads, see a variety of picturesque sights, enjoy the beauty of the Persian Gulf - all this will leave you with incredible emotions, which will be cherished for a long time.