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International Drivers Association is a specialized association registering the documents in the United Austrian Database since 1992, and an international governing body issuing International Driving Permit  for auto tourists, residents of any countries.

Representative offices of International Drivers Association are located in Europe, Central Asia and the GCC region.

Main office in the GCC region is located in Dubai, UAE.

Main mission of our organisation:

· All-round support of drivers and auto-travelers in the preparation of necessary documents for the unrestricted driving of an auto vehicle;

· Forge partnerships with global organisations for the benefit of the road transport industry;

· Protect the rights and interests of national road carriers;

· Cooperate with government agencies in the road transport industry and complement their services;

· To work for the good of society in order to improve the quality and safety in the management of auto vehicles;

Due to the amendments to the Vienna Convention "On Road Traffic" as of March 29, 2011, new requirements for a single format for driving licenses were introduced and thus there was a need for obtaining International Driver's Permits for driving and renting a car outside their country.

In this regard, in countries where government authorities do not issue an IDP to their citizens or its tourists, this service is provided by the International Driver's Association.


IDA Representative Office in UAE - organisational structure


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