How to get an International Driving Permit (translation) and distinguish it from non-genuine ones

How to get an International Driving Permit (translation) and distinguish it from non-genuine ones

Many travelers already know that when traveling abroad, you definitely need to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) with you. Having it will allow you to rent a car without any problems, avoid issues and fines from road traffic police, easily get car insurance, and travel comfortably by car.

But recently, many companies allegedly offering this service have appeared, although in fact they only issue a simple translation of the document.

How to identify organizations that issue an official document from companies that only seek to profit from customers, not caring about their well-being. After all, by purchasing an IDP that is not registered anywhere, you not only waste money, but also risk a situation where the car rental company will not lend you a car and you will lose not only time and money, but also your precious nerves.

How to distinguish the originality of the International Driving Permit:

  1. 1. The correct name of the document is “International Driving Permit” not International Driving License.
  2. 2. The official registration of the document can be checked in the United Austrian IDP Database by scanning a QR code or entering an individual number on the website 
  3. 3. The document must comply with the standards of the UN conventions “On Road Traffic”.
  4. 4. The maximum validity of the document, according to the UN Vienna Convention, is 3 years, but not more than the validity of the National Driving License.
  5. 5. The cover colour must be grey.
  6. 6. The company seal must be inside the document.

Currently, the International Driving Permit is officially issued by the police (not in all countries) and International Drivers Association. But if government bodies issue documents only to citizens of their country, IDA is the only organization that has a license to issue an International Driving Permit for tourists from any country. You can check the registration and actual status of documents in the United Austrian IDP database. International Drivers Association has a strong presence with Representative Offices in many countries and  constantly expands the geographical coverage. In the UAE it has a license from the Ministry of Economy and works closely with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

We hope that this information will help you in preparing for a holiday abroad, because if you prepare all the necessary documents in advance, nothing will spoil your vacation.