Should I visit Dubai in the summer

This question bothers many travelers planning to go to the UAE. Prices for living definitely drop due to weather conditions. 

But there is a reason why summer is considered as a “no season” in the UAE.

The temperature during summer months can go up to 50 degrees C, humidity - up to 100%. The hottest month is August.

On the other hand there are many advantages: less tourists, cheaper and more options for hotels, all buildings have air conditioning, almost all hotels have pools with pleasant cool water. Of course it is not recommended to have long walks under the sun, but even during other months the most popular places are beaches and shopping malls where it is always cold.

But most importantly - the sale season starts! Every year there is a Summer sale and shopping festival, where you can buy things at lower prices. There are many events, competitions, lotteries - everything to amuse the tourists.

Well, in order to get to the desired location with comfort and as economically as possible, we recommend giving up public transport or an expensive taxi, and giving preference to a rental car. By the way, there are also very pleasant discounts for renting a car in the summer season in Dubai. But don't forget that you should have an International Driving Permit additionally to your national driving license to rent and drive.

To summarize, if you prefer milder weather conditions then the best months to visit are March, April, October, November or December for rest, but if you prefer more emotions for less money, and hot weather is not a problem for you, then you should definitely travel to Dubai just to get to know the city.